Vegan. Feminist. Introvert. Knitter.
Sugar minimalist. Self-help junkie. Wonder Woman fan. Totoro lover.

There are so many ways we can each choose to define ourselves depending on the conversation, the company we keep, and even the day of the week. In this space I will try to talk mainly knitting, but you may see the odd bit of Scrabble passion or vegan pizza delight. Please bear with me.

When I knit, I tend to favour bold colour combinations, lush textures, seamless construction, and placing stitch markers wherever it saves me having to keep count. When I write knitting patterns, I tend to favour clarity over brevity, and am not afraid of teaching a new technique if I think it will make your knitting life easier. If you’ve read this far, you may want to check out my patterns on ravelry or etsy. I also tweet occasionally, and upload photos to flickr.

Or you can contact me using the form below.

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