2014: I won’t miss you.

Birdwood Square, Perth

Oh, 2014, I don’t think I’ll miss you when you’re over. It’s been intense:

    I learnt how to crochet using strips of old sheets.

    My job got a whole lot bigger. More workload control. More work.

    We discovered the Perth International Vegetarian and Vegan Food Fair, held this year in April and November, and stuffed ourselves silly.

    I was diagnosed with skin cancer. Surgery. Medical bills.

    I taught two of my nieces to knit.

    I found that I was not alone in my fascination with the history, diversity, and story of textiles.

    I enrolled in study (a Cert. IV in Accounting), and despite everything else going on, managed to complete three units. Ten to go.

    I was depressed and disturbed by the trends described in this video, and then GamerGate happened.

    I made soup. And icipoles. And ate lots of burgers.

    Our computer had to be rebuilt, almost from scratch.

    I saw the end of one beloved detective series, and the resurrection of another.

    I found the Craftivist Collective, and installed my first craftivist work (see photo above).

    I discovered a love for cross-stitch.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t all bad.

How was your 2014?


2 thoughts on “2014: I won’t miss you.

  1. Hi nice you found the little book, a real treasure I discovered on my last trip to UK too! You must check out Betsy Greer’s blog, and her fabulous looking book is on my wishlist šŸ™‚ http://craftivism.com/
    Love your little piece…..one day, one day, I will get to cross stitching too….. xxxx

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