DIY chocolate Paddle Pops – vegan

Vegan choc coconut ice pops / popsicles

Spring in Perth this year has been unseasonably warm, and for me, this kind of weather prompts nostalgia for the summers of my childhood: water slides, running through sprinklers, and icy poles / ice blocks (apparently known as ice pops, ice lollies or freeze pops elsewhere in the world).

One of my favourite childhood treats, the chocolate Paddle Pop, is a smooth chocolate ice-cream on a stick, and top of my To-Veganise list now that I have a freezer mould.

There’s no shortage of vegan chocolate ice pop recipes online, but I decided to start with this one – I subbed cacao powder for the cocoa, brown rice syrup for the honey (and used double the amount, actually), and after 5 minutes they were in the freezer. So far I’m finding them very rich and chocolatey – I think a little more vanilla would be great – but a good base and source of inspiration.

What memories does summer bring back for you?


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