Soup week

I come from a family of six, and grew up learning to cook enough to feed four hungry kids, two adults, and then some. The whole family was catered for most efficiently on soup night: my general method was to get out a huge pot, pile it up with every vegetable that managed to catch my eye in the supermarket, add in a few kinds of protein, some grains and seasoning, and top it up with water.

One of the best things about making a giant pot of soup is the leftovers. Well, this is the kind of soup you can eat for a week without getting bored, because it contains every vegetable you’ve ever loved, and more besides. The flavour of each incarnation is a little different depending on the ratios of vegetables chosen, but it always tastes like ‘vegetable soup’, or maybe ‘minestrone’ if I’ve chucked in a can of tomatoes.

This is still my brain’s default soup-making method, and since I’m now only cooking for two, and have a slow-cooker of finite size to learn how to use, I need to do a little pruning. My mission this week is to try and make a few different flavours of soup, by limiting myself to one or two star vegetables (plus the ubiquitous carrot, celery and onion) at a time.

Wish me luck.


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