Wash day

Wash day

We had our first real rain on Saturday, almost a month into Autumn. It was so good: the scent of wet earth and newness, the drumming sound on the car windshield, the cool grey skies and the chill in the air.

I love almost everything that comes with it: a cool change, at long last; the end of another fierce Australian summer; soup and hot chocolate and cosy indoor evenings; an inbuilt excuse to avoid leaving the house (for all those extroverts out there – the introverts get it); but most importantly, a chance to bring out the handknits. Last year’s go-to cardigans and cowls, beanies and blankies come out of hiding, get washed and aired and reloved in time for another season.

The evenings are not yet cool enough to contemplate getting out the hot water bottle and flannel sheets, but when they come I’ll be ready.


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