Blankies for all.

I fell in love with the process of blankie-making in 2007, when I managed to pull together a couch-sized chevron throw over the period of a few stealthy months. I’d made a couple of little lap rugs prior, but this was the first project I had really invested much time into. I enjoyed the weight of the project (both literally and figuratively), and the sense of achievement when it was complete. I found working the repetitive stitch pattern soothing, and choosing the next colour in the sequence was always a little thrill.

Since then I’ve completed eight blankies, four of which were completed over the last few years. It’s the kind of project I keep coming back to: for the comfort, the ease, and the endless variation of colour, texture and technique. There are three things required of a good blankie: warmth, size, and durability. The rest is all play.

One would think that in 2014, wee millenials would be too sophisticated for the humble blankie: it’d be like expecting them to be delighted by shelter or potable water. But various test cases (i.e. my nieces and nephew) indicate that blankie appeal is still strong, at least among the young. To have their very own blankie, especially one made especially for them, seems to be a particular thrill (upon receipt) and comfort (ever after). And as long as my near and dear appreciate the objects of my labour – well, I’ll keep labouring.


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