Finished: copper tank.

Copper knit top FO

Start to Finish: Three weeks.
Yarn: Elann Pegasus, 52.5% mercerised cotton/ 47.5% viscose
Needles: 4.5mm, with 3.5mm for the straps
Pattern: That Girl! Tank by Nikol Lohr.

Notes: I love how customisable this pattern is: you work to your measurements, but it doesn’t require heaps of maths–the clever shaping makes it easy as pie! Highly recommended.

Gauge isn’t mentioned on the pattern, but according to the rav page it’s 19 stitches to the inch in stockinette stitch using larger needles. There’s no mention of changing to smaller needles anywhere in the pattern, but I made the assumption that it would be for the straps, and it worked for me.

Ravelled here.


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