Looking forward and back.

2011 in pictures

My mosaic for 2011 includes the crafting I completed (a good mix of accessories, garments, and blankets), along with representations of other activities that stole my time: printmaking, reading, and food.

In 2012, added to these diversions and worthy distractions, will be a much larger demand on my time: study. I have enrolled in off-campus tertiary education, and will be doing a single unit at a time while continuing in full-time employment. So far I’ve only enrolled in my first unit, because I want to make sure I can juggle work and study without burning out, but my plan is to gradually work towards the completion of a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) with Swinburne University, facilitated by Open Universities Australia.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Looking forward and back.

  1. Good luck! I noticed how bright all the colors in your projects and photos are, so pretty. Nice work in 2011, sounds like 2012 will be a busy one as well. Oh and nice choice of study (was my major as well)…

  2. Woo! Furthering your education – very exciting. Good luck with your studies. Looking forward to hearing all about it. 😀

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