XGFX tempeh lasagne with cashew ‘ricotta’ filling.

Tempeh lasagne with cashew ricotta and Vietnamese rice paper

Last night’s dinner: tempeh lasagne with a tofu-less version of the cashew ricotta from Veganomicon, using Vietnamese rice paper wrappers instead of standard lasagne noodles (inspired by this genius recipe over at Vegan Gluten Free Karaoke), with a sprinkling of Spanish olives on top instead of a cheese replacement (a la the lasagne recipe in An Appetite for Reduction).

Due to my fiddling with the cashew filling (I upped the cashews to 1 cup and added 1 cup of soy milk, but skipped the tofu) my ratio of cashew to tomato sauce was way off, so next time I’ll double (or maybe triple) the cashew mixture.

My improvised red sauce could do with some work–the bitterness of the tempeh (which I love) was a little distracting and stood out rather than melding with the other flavours the way you want in a lasagne.

The rice paper noodles worked a treat: I gradually worked out that using two wrappers together works best so that it’s less fiddly when layering, and there was no noticeable difference in the finished product compared to wheat-based noodles apart from the colour.

All in all, a great starting point for more lasagne experimentation.
What have you enjoyed cooking/ eating lately?


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