Finished: Celery Ribs cardi.

CeleryRibs Finished

CeleryRibs Finished

CeleryRibs Finished

Start to Finish: August – October 2011
Yarn: Berroco Comfort
Needles: 4mm/ US size 6
Method: Seamless saddle shoulder (from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears).

CeleryRibs Zip LIVESTS

CeleryRibs Zip BACK

CeleryRibs Zip FRONT

Notes: I ran out of yarn at the neckline (I had wanted to do 2″ of ribbing to finish off) so I bound off and used the remaining yarn to graft the underarms and crochet around the neckline (in half double crochet). Then I used some Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in an almost-matching shade of green to put in the zip/per. I used the excellent Knitting Daily tutorial to make loops along the zip/per edge, then joined them to the front edge stitches using the 3-needle bindoff (although technically I only used two circular needles, picking up a stitch from each edge stitch and knitting it together with a zip/per stitch as I went). This is such a great technique and I loved the finished result–I’ll be using this in all of my cardigans from now on. The Staghorn cable is really effective and easy to memorise, and the saddle shoulder method is heaps of fun. Apart from running out of yarn and the end result being a little too close-fitting for my liking, I really love everything about this sweater.


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