Packing up shop.

I have learnt so much about physics, maths, space, design, and the human figure since challenging myself to create knitting patterns for others to use. The fun, however, has always been in the making, the creative side rather than the grading and testing and publishing and marketing (none of which I enjoy). I endured the pattern-writing unpleasantness as a necessary duty, but lately it’s become clear to me that my enjoyment of the process ends with the knitting–and this should tell me that I’m not suited to pattern-writing. Seems obvious once I put it into words, but that’s the way the brain works sometimes: I was in denial.

I have decided to pack up the Herbivore Knits shop. While I decide what to do about the existing patterns and this blog, I will still be making and sharing things I find interesting.
I hope you can join me.


One thought on “Packing up shop.

  1. Patternwriting is not easy! My boss is teaching me patternwriting and most days it makes me want to a.) beat my head against the wall b.) scream c.) cry d.) all of the above. It’s one thing to do a write-and design-as-you-knit type project, it’s another to get down to the tiny details of grading and tech editing to make sure your pattern is something usable. I think it’s often over-glamorized in the knitting world and there is no shame in admitting it’s not for you!

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