Printmaking weekend.

Inking station

I studied printmaking as my Art elective in highschool, and loved it, but without access to a press and studio space it’s something I never kept up with. I recently found an old reduction lino print (my favourite method) and started researching methods for printing by hand. Finally, after accumulating tools and supplies and doing lots of planning, I had a printmaking weekend and finished an edition of 10. You can see more pictures of the process here.

One of the things I love about the process (or maybe it’s just MY process, imperfect as it is) is the way each resultant print is different: there are so many variables, and when you lift the paper off the block there’s always an element of surprise. Combining layers of colours as in a reduction print like this one (where each successive colour is printed, then cut away from the lino, which is gradually reduced–and hence destroyed–in the process) multiplies that element of surprise, for better or worse.

I’ve listed a few of the prints on etsy: all individually, because they’re all unique.


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