The joy of less.

Windfarm, Jan 2011 052

A minimalist mindset will transform the way we make decisions about the stuff we have, and the stuff we bring into our lives. – Francine Jay, The Joy of Less

Last night I sorted through some of my stuff, and ditched a bunch of it. Five big garbage bags full. It was a liberating feeling.

I’ve always been a hoarder. You don’t need to see pictures, and you don’t need a description of the worst of it: what too much clutter looks like is different for everyone, and what I’d been experiencing lately was less a physical problem (although lack of space was also an issue) than a mental/ emotional sense of urgency, of weight, and of stress.

But getting rid of things indiscriminately isn’t a long-term solution for me; what I want is to change my mindset and my relationship to things. I feel like I’ve only just started this process, but it has the potential to be a big life change for me, the way that changing careers and adopting veganism have been in the last few years for me. A game-changer.


2 thoughts on “The joy of less.

  1. Good fortune to you as you walk this newfound path. I too esteem to a more minimalist approach but have a long ways to go. One of my favorite lyrics from the band Carbon Leaf:
    I’d like to change the world-
    it’s easier than changing me!
    –Shine by Carbon Life

    I find this to be very true for myself and use it as a reminder I need to bend in new directions. Apparently I’m quite sturdy about some things….one being keeping stuff with a mental attachment. Congrats on clearing out some space!

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