Vegan Fire and Spice

Colour wheel dinner

Inspired by Lauren‘s red kidney bean dahl, Amey‘s root vegetable mix (both women are excellent bloggers, and I admire and respect their taste, honesty and grace), and the recipes in Vegan Fire and Spice, this was tonight’s meal.

A red kidney bean and chickpea dahl, adapted from the Quick Red Bean Dal recipe in VF&S (subbing diced silverbeet stalks for onions, and my own hodgepodge of Indian spices for those in the recipe–as I’ve said before, I can’t follow recipes); roasted beets, sweet potato, and carrots adapted from the Roasted Potatoes and Peppers recipe in VF&S; and a mixture of steamed greens which made my tummy and tastebuds really happy. I loved this combination of flavours, and it was really quick and easy to prepare.

I’ll definitely be turning to this cookbook again for some inspiration for tasty midweek dinners.


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