The year of the scarf.

Blissful yarn

I don’t normally knit scarves. I feel like they take forever: if you’re working a simple stitch pattern, it’s too boring; if you’re working something more complex, it takes too much concentration and never seems to end. Perhaps it was just my short attention span, but up until recently I didn’t own a single handknit scarf.

But this cold season, after rediscovering the warmth of a plain machine-knit scarf that has become my best buddy, I decided that my collection of cowls just won’t cut it. I need to build up a collection of handknit/ crocheted scarves.

To kickstart my collection, the fluffball. I knit this scarf as moral support to two coworkers who have recently decided to form a knitting club with me. One is a very new knitter, the other is an on-and-off seasonal knitter just comfortable with the basics. So, together, we decided to start the same generic project with the same size needles (15mm) and number of CO stitches, but using three different yarns.

I chose Moda Vera Blissful, a super-bulky novelty yarn, and quickly realised that, as much as I’ve shed my yarn snobbery related to natural vs. synthetic fibres since deciding to knit with animal-free yarn, there’s still plenty of classism tied up in my choice of yarn, project, and even needle size.

I think it’s healthy to start from scratch every now and then: fumbling with the thick-and-thin yarn and giant needles I suddenly felt very uncoordinated, and it was like learning the craft all over again. So, meet the fluffball: the scarf that humbled me.



3 thoughts on “The year of the scarf.

  1. Very pretty! Scarves seem to take forever to me too….not unlike sleeves….but the end result is so worth it. Enjoy your newfound warmth!

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