The urge to stash.

Kindle cover

After reading this thoughtful post by Lolly and the comments generated, and reflecting on my own relationship with books (I’m a buyer, not a borrower, and have bookshelves full of them), I decided to purchase a Kindle electronic book reader. I’ve had it for a week and a half now, and love the convenience and portability. I’ve noticed, though, that it’s hard to shake that stashing habit: my instinct is to purchase and hold onto books (electronic or otherwise) just in case I feel like reading any of them at some point. One of the beauties of the device, however, is the ability to purchase new books almost instantly via 3G or Wi-fi anytime that urge comes along. Whether or not this change will address the root cause of my tendency to hoard, it certainly has the potential to cut down on some of its effects: one physical object has the potential to replace up to a few thousand books.

If only I had a similar tool for minimising the overflow of yarn around the house. There are lots of spaces for crafters to encourage each other in utilising their existing stash of supplies, at least in equal measure to the amount of new yarn being purchased, and from time to time I wonder whether I should make some kind of formal commitment to this ideal of minimising the yarny increase. Is anyone making deliberate attempts to use stash yarn rather than purchase more? What strategies do you use?


One thought on “The urge to stash.

  1. With my Kindle 2, I download lots of books but I don’t keep them on the Kindle. As I collected hundreds of books (lots of free ones), the Kindle definitely started to slow down. Instead I archive them so Amazon stores them for me. If I ever want one, I just look through the archives and download it again.

    I did a blog post showing both my K2 and nook – they both have non-leather covers. The K2 has an M-Edge synthetic leather cover that stands up and the nook has a JAVOedge cover.

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