Chaos in a blanket.

chevron blankie WIP 08.04.11

Chevrons and crosses: together at last.

mitred cross

This is what the elements of chaos look like.

I began a chevron striped blanket back in September 2010, over 7 months ago, with the intention to have a nice ordered stripe pattern and use up some stash yarn. I had made blankets for others at various points, but didn’t own a single handknit blanket myself. This would be the project to set that record straight.

As the blanket progressed, however, it became heavier, and warmer, and the sight of all those yarn ends to be woven in began to weaken my resolve. And then came summer.

Months later, when the weather again turned chilly, I started pining for handknit blankies and saw this.

In hindsight I see that this blanket-lust is what motivated the next, crucial decision, but at the time it seemed perfectly rational. I laid the unfinished chevron blanket across my lap (legs folded, the way I normally sit on the couch), and decided that a few more rows to bring it up to an even two stripe pattern repeats would make it a perfect fit. So I finished the requisite number of rows, and bound off.

As the evenings got chillier, I realised that of course the literally-lap-sized blankie just wouldn’t cut it for someone with freakishly cold hands in winter, and in my freezing desperation devised a compromise. I would create the blanket of chaos.

I knew that I had lost all motivation to make anything even remotely chevronish, and my obsession with Kay Gardiner’s Mitred Crosses Blanket was growing ever more dangerous by the day, so I decided that in an effort to warm my fingers of a nighttime I would just give in to the chaos and combine the two patterns.

My chevron lap strip will be in the centre, bordered above and below by two rows of mitred cross squares, the whole thing joined together with 3-needle bind-off.

It may not be pretty, but it’ll do the job nicely.


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