WIP Wednesday: The Backburner.

Granny squares

Ever since the first rainy day of Autumn late last week, I’ve had the strongest craving to knit and/or crochet a blanket. I’ve been drawn to all kinds of completed and in-progress projects on ravelry: stripes, ripples, squares, hexagons, knit, crochet–any kind of blankie will do.

And then I realised: apart from my main sweater project and an unfinished sock, I have several blanket projects in various states of completion on the backburner. This is the rundown.

1. The ripple afghan, begun September 2010. Currently measures 50″ x 19″.
2. The mitre square baby blanket for K4C, begun March 2011. Currently consists of 4 squares, crocheted together and awaiting a border.
3. Granny squares for Crochet a Rainbow, begun on Tuesday night. Currently three squares in.
4. A mitered crosses blanket from the genius pattern by Kay Gardiner; only a thought at this point, but growing more insistent by the day.

So what’s on your backburner?

chevron blankie WIP 08.04.11


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