WIP Wednesday: Nami

Nami - WIP 9 Feb 11

Nami (pronounced NAH-mee) is a new bamboo tee pattern I’m working on, named after the Japanese word for ‘wave’. I had the fish/ wave escape scene in Ponyo on my mind.

The Art of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Knitting and simultaneously writing the pattern for Amity was a huge learning curve for me, and it was almost like trying a complicated new recipe: the first time using an unfamiliar technique is nerve-wracking, challenging, and sometimes painful, but after you’ve wrapped your head around the way it works you’ll know what you’re doing the next time around.

Nami - WIP 9 Feb 11

So with all of those lessons behind me, working on this bottom-up, cap-sleeved simultaneous set-in sleeve number (my favourite method of construction) is a walk in the park. I’ve really been able to relax with this one, and I’m enjoying it immensely. Vine lace on the bottom, 3×1 rib on the top, and a simple V-neck. Life is good.


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