Adventures with Seitan.

After seeing seitan made for the first time by friends while on holidays in Albany (using the basic seitan recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance), I was keen to try it out for myself back home. I picked the Simple Seitan recipe from Veganomicon, and while mine looks much lighter in colour than the Albany version it was super easy and very tasty.


Seitan and Onigiri

On its own the seitan didn’t have the most complex of flavours, but it really came into its own simmered in a gingery, garlicky marinade with soy sauce, tamari, ketjap manis, and maple syrup (from the ‘tempeh marinated in chili and soy’ recipe in this cookbook) and served with onigiri (made using this method).

I can see this quick, easy and moreish combination becoming a weeknight staple.


2 thoughts on “Adventures with Seitan.

  1. I love seitan too and made some this morning!! I use the recipe from Sarah Kramer’s La Dolce Vegan. I’m planning to use some of it in the Cholent recipe from Veganomicon, then try a new recipe with the rest. I love how truly simple it is to make and how very flavorful it comes out. Yours looks so delicious!

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