WIP Wednesday: Sock Monkeys


I knit the first sock of this pair as a test knit for Kala’s sweet Boys of Summer pattern back in April, just after designing the Treehouse Socks (and knitting the single sample sock).

That turned out to be the last sock I would knit in 2010. I had sock burnout, and a range of other projects clamoured for my attention–big; small; intricate; plain–I made them all, and none of them were socks.

I have never felt any shame, guilt or even embarassment about this fact, however. I take on projects that happen to interest me, and if I feel a desire to finish them swiftly, then I do. Otherwise, I either get back to them eventually or undo them, likewise without shame, guilt or embarassment.

I see my craft as a way to enrich my life, not restrict it, and I think the challenge of creating something new is a big part of what I enjoy about the craft. Sometimes all it takes for a project to seem new again is a few months apart.

Hi again, socks. Nice to see you. Let’s go for a spin.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sock Monkeys

  1. I feel the same way! I’m on a bit of a sock break after I knit a ton of them – I think I’m on more of a shawl kick right now 🙂

  2. I like your guilt-free thinking and hope I can get there one day. The sock is really lovely, the heel is particularly appealing to me! Have fun with your new-again project.

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