2010 in craft, food and life.

2010 in craft

If 2009 was a year for experimenting with plant-based fibers, 2010 saw a narrowing of focus in terms of craft and yet a broadening of my other interests.

I spent time this year rediscovering my love of the written word, and added to that an interest in the graphic novel.

I delved into the worlds of twitter and facebook–maybe a bit too far–and decided to step back a bit for my own sanity.

I launched the inaugural Compassionate Craft Week, made a shawl for a friend, and cupcakes for the RSPCA.

I watched my younger brother marry, the first of my siblings to do so.

Early this year I successfully applied for a more senior position in my workplace, which meant a payrise along with greater responsibility and the accompanying stresses.

I joined in on the Vegan Month of Food and discovered some wonderful new favourites.

I committed to the ‘no shampoo’ method of hair care, got through the unfun initial detox period and will never go back.

I was spoilt with amazing live music, and invested time in some really good TV on DVD.

Recently, watching this video and beginning to read Bitchfest rekindled my passion for equal rights for all human and non-human animals, with feminism forming an integral part of this worldview.

This was the year I connected with the half-sister I’d never met, and I feel much richer for it.

All of which means I’ve had less time to craft, but the bulk of my crafting time has been spent on larger, more long term projects like sweaters (3 adult sweaters!), shawls (my first and second shawls ever!) and a blankie. Add to that three new designs–all accessories, all featuring cables–and a generous sprinking of charity knitting, some quick crochet, and an oddball project or two, and you have my year.

How was 2010 for you?


4 thoughts on “2010 in craft, food and life.

  1. What a great year you had! Thanks for Compassionate Craft Week and Happy New Year to you.
    PS. VERY impressed with three adult sweaters, two shawls, a blanket, and three original patterns with cables. VERY impressed!!!

  2. What an amazingly creative year you had in 2010! I’m wishing you more of the same for 2011 – and adding you to the Wipster list right now! Welcome to W.I.P. Wednesday – so happy to have you with us.

  3. Glad you got the care package. Yay!

    While I didn’t take a no-shampoo challenge, I have cut down to shampooing 2-3 times a week. It’s made a HUGE difference. I also finally found a commercially available vegan shampoo and conditioner which makes me feel much better about washing up.


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