Going out with a bang.


Regular readers will know that this blog is usually much more knit-centric than food-centric, for a few reasons:
1. I can rarely be bothered taking decent photos of food before I eat it;
2. I rarely leave the house with my camera, and wouldn’t be caught dead photographing food in public (I have issues);
3. While I regularly experiment with my staple set of dishes, these are usually variations on a theme rather than brand new recipes worth sharing;
4. I LOVE talking about knitting. I love the timeconsuming, cumulative, observable nature of progress on a knitting project and the way it can be documented in pictures and words more readily than my attempts at capturing the process of preparing food–which, in my kitchen and at my hands tends to be erratic and adrenalin-charged rather than contemplative and ordered.

All that said, I just had to share one last meal before returning to the usual ‘look-what-I-knit’ posts: sweet potato enchiladas with guacamole and mango salsa.

None of those dishes in themselves are particularly revolutionary, and I suppose to the casual observer the choice of dishes may seem uninspired, but I can happily say that each of these dishes works really well; together, the meal approaches perfection.

What makes me so happy about this is that the meal was made without a recipe of any kind, and I’m relatively new to the art of Mexican/ Latino cooking. Six months ago I couldn’t even tell you what an enchilada was. But with the help of Viva Vegan and other vegan cookbooks, along with the grand old internet, I’m feeling much more comfortable and confident with combining these flavours in satisfying ways.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed Vegan MoFo 2010. It’s been a blast.


One thought on “Going out with a bang.

  1. This looks so yummy! I love spicy foods and guacamole is for me one of the best things on this earth to eat. I love that you made this meal without any recipes in mind too, you should be quite proud!

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