Bang for that buck.

salad & sausages

Summer necessitates minimal use of heat: quick meals, low fuss, in and out of the kitchen quick-smart. Thus the need for a bunch of go-to salad ideas. I say ‘ideas’ rather than recipes because the whole point of ‘low fuss’ is that you use what’s on hand, plentiful or in season.

I tend to go for the hearty salads based on grains, starches or legumes rather than the leafy variety as they tend to be more filling and hold up better for lunchy leftovers: it’s all about bang for the buck.

Pictured are an off-the-cuff baby beet, baby spinach and butter bean salad, dressed simply with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper; and canned chickpeas and mixed beans mixed with grape tomatoes and spring onions in the dressing from Wolffie’s black bean salad in La Dolce Vegan. This was the first vegan cookbook I owned, and at some point I wrote in the margin of this recipe, ‘[My sister]’s favourite dressing’, along with two mods: cutting the oil in half, and subbing balsamic vinegar for the red wine vinegar. We’re big balsamic fans in my house.

What go-to meals do you have for when it’s hot or you’re pressed for time?


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