Jalapeno Lemon Barley Salad, Redux

jalapeno lemon barley salad

A bare-bones, back to basics version of the barley salad in 500 Vegan Recipes, made with pantry ingredients and leftovers.

Subbed what I had on hand for the veg ingredients: chickpeas and mixed beans, corn, chilli Queen olives and a few stray grape tomatoes instead of cucumber, tomato, capsicum and onion.

Subbed lemon juice for the lime, as I was all out of lime juice (Again! Although I wasted a good 20 minutes hunting for it. We have a bizarro kitchen thief who periodically steals away with a staple ingredient or two. Or something like that.) I think lime would have been excellent, and will aim to actually have some limes in the house next time I feel like making it.

This is such a workhorse of a recipe, like many others in this excellent cookbook that I can’t recommend highly enough. I am eagerly awaiting the duo’s new cookbook, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions.


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