Soy-free vegan quiche

vegan quiche

This is a truly great recipe for vegan quiche: no tofu, no soy milk, just a quick and easy batter made from chickpea flour and water.

This was my first attempt at an eggless quiche, and it was made not due to any craving on my part but due to a fascination with the simplicity of ingredients and method. I read and re-read this recipe and just had to see if it would work.

Boy, did it work. The texture is most egg-like while still warm from the oven, although it seems a little firmer than the wobbly quiches I remember from my childhood. The taste, however, is eerily quichey, so much so that after each bite I couldn’t help exclaiming to family members and passers-by, “It tastes exactly like quiche. It’s crazy!”

The next day, after spending the morning in the refrigerator, leftovers seemed to be even more dense in texture–but allowing it to get to room temperature might have helped. I’ll experiment a bit next time and let you know.

All in all, an excellent quick, cheap, tasty, super-easy and healthy option for dinner. What more could you ask for?


6 thoughts on “Soy-free vegan quiche

  1. this is great! I’m always attracted to vegan quiche and fritata recipes but I can’t handle the amount of tofu involved. I can’t wait to try this!

  2. I’ve tried to make a vegan quiche in the past and it was really not even close. This looks amazing and your description makes it sound amazing too! Thanks for the link to the recipe!

  3. Glad you liked the quiche! I felt exactly the same the first time I made it – I was so suspicious of the simplicity. But it truly does work. I also love its versatility – it will handle just about any vegetables that you throw at it.

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