Salad is for lovers.


I hesitate to publish two posts in a row about salad, considering the ubiquitous cliche about vegetarians, but the truth is that I rarely make or eat salads.

When dining out, I find more and more places seem to be padding their salads out with meat–or at the very least, cheese or mayo. And at home, when warmer weather comes around I’m much more likely to reach for a burger, wrap or mezze with Turkish bread than the salad bowl.


But one of the great things about this month is the way it encourages thinking about food, and thinking about it in different ways. I’ve been encouraged and inspired already by the endless ways to combine and dress fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds. You guys rock.


2 thoughts on “Salad is for lovers.

  1. It may be a cliche, but I still love salad. I grow a lot of my own vegetables, and there’s just nothing better than pulling things off the vines, tossing them into a bowl, and eating them still warm from the sun.

    I recently had to eat at an Applebee’s, and every salad on the menu had meat and cheese on it! The waitress’ eyebrow shot up into her hairline when she asked me if I wanted chicken or shrimp on mine, and I said neither.

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