Lazy mofo taboulleh.


I used to be a little afraid of taboulleh: the thought of boiling mysterious cracked wheat and chopping mountains of parsley and mint into tiny pieces made me want to reach for the prewashed, pre-packaged baby spinach.

Then, I found this recipe on the SBS Food website. It involves soaking a mere 2 Tablespoons of bulghur in the juice of two small lemons until soft, then folding into the remaining ingredients. That, I thought, I can do.


4 thoughts on “Lazy mofo taboulleh.

  1. I LOVE taboulleh! One of my students’ family is from Lebanon and they made me a big batch for Christmas last year. I was SO delicious.

  2. When my husband made taboulleh, he used cilantro instead of parsley and left out the mint. I hate fresh parsley and I only like mint in sweets šŸ™‚

  3. I love taboulleh too, especially when it’s hot out. Sadly I’ve never made it because I live within walking distance of a Lebanese market called Pitaland. They have little containers of it for sale, perfect for lunch in a pita. They make pitas there fresh too, you can watch them going up the conveyer belt after baking through a little window in the market. I always have tons of mint and parsley about in the summertime too, what a shame. Yours looks really delicious and so fresh!

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