Risotto secrets exposed!

red wine risotto

Whatever you may think of Jamie Oliver‘s take on food and social change, the man knows how to make a risotto. The basic risotto recipe in his second cookbook is one of my family’s go-to meals, easily veganised and customisable to any ingredients on hand. My Mum made a particularly delicious version recently, and I interrogated her for her secrets.

This version uses red wine rather than white, and an extra half a glass than called for in the recipe, which adds a bit of extra moisture to compensate for the absence of cheese at the end. She used Nuttelex instead of butter, and Massel chicken-style stock.

Celery omitted and spring onions substituted for yellow, ’cause that’s what we had. Mushrooms and zucchini were sauteed separately and stirred in after most of the liquid was absorbed. Topped with shaved almonds and cracked pepper.

Really good, even as leftovers for lunch. I’m definitely planning to make one of these myself.


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