The Yarn Garden

The Yarn Garden

The Yarn Garden: 30 Knits Using Plant-Based Fibers by J. Marsha Michler features swatches (love!) and descriptions of the composition, construction and properties of a wide range of plant-based fibres (hemp, linen, bamboo, cotton, nettle, tencel, soy, rayon, modal, seacell and banana silk), along with 30 patterns for garments and accessories using these yarns.

Although not all of the designs are to my taste (the sadly unflattering cover sweater a case in point), there are certainly gems–such as the linen skirt and crocheted hemp belt pictured above, an amazing soy fair isle sweater, and several cute vests and cardigans.

Whether you’d like to knit with plant-based fibres for ethical, non-allergenic, environmental or simply seasonal reasons, I’d recommend checking out this unassuming little book. Enjoy!


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