Finished: blue spring cardi!

lacey blue cardi

Pattern: Improvised.
Construction: Bottom-up seamless sweater with set-in sleeves.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease; 50% cotton/ 50% acrylic worsted-weight. Most of the yarn used was reclaimed from my Ravelympics sweater. I used 5 and a bit skeins.

lacey blue cardi

Lessons learnt: I finally learnt how to do the Continental purl properly. I was using some unnecessarily convoluted technique by adapting two different techniques, and it was really affecting my flat-knitting gauge compared to my in-the-round gauge. I eventually found a you tube video of the Continental purl stitch and practised until it clicked. Much quicker and simpler, and more like my regular tension. Very happy with this discovery.

lacey blue cardi

This is the second sweater I’ve knit using the simultaneous set-in sleeve technique, and I’ve learnt a lot each time. I would eventually like to write a sweater pattern (my first!) using this technique. It’s a really effective and intuitive way to build a sweater, once you wrap your head around the different steps, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of explaining it in an accessible way.

I’m not too sure about what kind of design features I’d like to use, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! I’d be looking to make a seamless, bottom-up cardigan but other than that it’s a blank slate so far. Maybe some cables? Or more lace? What’s your favourite kind of sweater to knit?


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