Ripples: the completion of a saga.

easy ripple afghan

easy ripple afghan
Three years ago when my little nephew was just a wee thing, I made him a log cabin blankie. Now, this boy has a gentleman’s appreciation for the fibre arts, and the blankie was beloved.

Meanwhile, earlier this year my brother became engaged and I had grand plans to whip up he and his betrothed an heirloom. Well, the engagement party date came around, I caved and bought some homemade and off-the-rack homewares, and the potential-heirloom-blankie sat unfinished.

Then just recently I returned from holiday to find that an incident with a lamp had melted a big messy hole in the nephew’s original acrylic blankie. His fourth birthday is next month, and while it’s no heirloom I think providing warmth & comfort for a little loved one is a pretty noble goal for this piece of fabric.


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