I ought to throw a Buick at you.


I’ve always been a reader; I have distinct memories of walking to the bus stop on the way to school with a novel in front of my nose. I collect novels, plays, poems and short stories, vegan cook books and knitting books, non-fiction and picture books. My bookcases always have, and probably always will, overflow: there are stacks beside the bed, on the coffee table; books upon books.

Once I became a serious knitter, my other interests took a backseat to the new obsession. Knitting requires two hands (for me, at least–I know there are some uber-talented multitaskers who can knit and read at the same time, but I’m not among them), so knitting and reading were suddenly competitors for my time. I can knit while watching a movie, or while listening to music, but for me knitting and reading just can’t coincide.

So for the past few years, I’ve become kind of a lapsed book-geek: I keep collecting novels I want to read, and never quite get around to starting them. I recently decided, however, that this would change.

I don’t drive, and do a fair bit of travelling by, and waiting for, public transport. I am also one of those restless people who is constantly fidgeting if I don’t have something to occupy my attention–so I usually have a distraction of some kind on my person at all times. For the past few years knitting projects have been my go-to travel distraction, but I’ve decided that slipping a novel into my bag instead means I get some serious reading time in. Yay!

I’ve signed up to Goodreads in order to keep track of all those books I keep meaning to read, and so far I’m finding it very handy.

P.S. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start reading Chandler. Never knew what I was missing.


7 thoughts on “I ought to throw a Buick at you.

  1. I’ve had this exact same problem. I like to knit for long stretches of time so that I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and at the end of my day I find I don’t have time for reading.

  2. ME TOO!!! What a smackdown, knitting vs. reading, the ultimate who-will-win-the-time fight. I can’t really knit and read at once unless it’s stockinette and a really fun cheezy type novel. No philosophy or poetry, no lace or increases, these all need undivided attentions. My bookshelves have been bad but now I request all books through the library and only buy those I could not live without. I copy knitting patterns at home on the printer/fax/copier combo unless the book has say more than four patterns I think I might make, then I will buy it. I love that you put the eternal fight for time into words and I’m glad to hear others don’t have enough time for it all either!

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