mug mosaic

My collection of handmade mugs began a few years ago, when I worked at a craft fair next to a potter. I still have the first handmade mug I bought, out of necessity (Oh yes, on that day tea made in a proper mug was a necessity): chipped, but still perfect.

In addition to the well-loved mugs pictured above, there are also my current work mug, the weekend mug that lives at my partner’s place, and the one that broke.

While I love the one-off find at a market or op-shop, one potter’s work has captured my fascination; so much so that over half of my handmade mug collection has come from her studio.

Jeanette Zeis, while being clever, creative and a sweet person to deal with, was also recently interviewed as part of Etsy’s Featured Seller series. You can check out the interview, her blog and beautifully-photographed ceramics here.


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