The dreaded second.

salsa mitts

salsa mitts

Pattern: Betsy, by Linn M. Eng
Yarn: Panda Cotton
Needles: 3.5mm / US size 4

This was a fun, fast knit. I love using up sock yarn leftovers, and the pattern calls for a looser gauge than socks so the first one flew by in a snap. Short attention span that I have, I put it down and didn’t feel like knitting the matching mitt until the donation deadline came around. So when I cast on for the second mitt I decided to reverse the direction of the knitting (fingers-to-wrist, rather than wrist-to-fingers) and mix up the striping pattern a little. They’re very much fraternal mitts, which I like.

I’m thinking of doing something similar for the two straggling single socks I have sitting around, as I’m in need of some handknit socks to wear but have no real desire at the moment to make the same thing twice. So I’m thinking of making up some sock designs to kind-of match the existing when made in the same yarns.

What do you do to stave off second-sock boredom?


3 thoughts on “The dreaded second.

  1. i have a bit of a case of second-sock at the moment, actually. although, i’ve not even finished the first socks… mostly, i just have startitis, i think!

    i knit two-at-a-time sometimes to ensure that i finish one as soon as i finish the other. it definitely helps with things like xmas knitting where the incentive to make something pretty that you can gaze at for months isn’t really there.

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