Those old eternity blues.

k4c may2010

Wow, it’s almost June. How’d that happen?
These fingerless gloves and beanies are going to a mental health support group, women’s shelter or soup kitchen in Lismore, New South Wales.

I really love the Charity of the Month concept, and always have these great plans for what I’m going to send, but by the end of the month the donation pile is embarassingly small. Maybe I should knit one or two items per month, save them up and then send them off once or twice a year.

For now, for Lismore, this is what I have. I hope they make someone happy.


2 thoughts on “Those old eternity blues.

  1. They’re lovely and I’m sure much appreciated whenever you send them…

    …it reminds me of my LWR quilts – I always have big plans to get at least one a month done – and then I’m always rushing around in April and May trying to get a few made before the shipment mid-May…

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