I’m for damage.


Etsy have made some changes to everyone’s favourite user-curated gallery programme, the infamous Treasury.

In the past, securing a coveted spot among the treasury’s limited number of temporary galleries required obsessive patience, luck and/or erratic sleep patterns. No more!

Treasury East imposes no limit on the number of galleries created, either by an individual or by the etsy community as a whole. The galleries have no inbuilt expiry–they can be retired gracefully by their creators, mixed up at any time, or left alone to immortalise single moments in time and creation.

As someone who loves to love, and appreciates contrast and happy juxtaposition, I am thrilled at this update. I think it exemplifies what have always been the best things about etsy: the thrill of discovering something new, the endless inspiration to be found, and the joy of sharing these gems for the love of the passion and wonder behind the handmade.

You can find my latest, and all other treasuries, here.


One thought on “I’m for damage.

  1. I looove the new treasury system, it was so evil having to wait around for the chance to snatch one up! p.s. I got the yarn you sent yesterday, thanks so much it’s gorgeous!!!

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