Warming hearts.

warm hearts

While women weep as they do now, I’ll fight; while little children go hungry as they do now, I’ll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I’ll fight. – William Booth

This time of year always brings out the charity knitter in me. The slightest chill in the air, and I immediately want to warm anyone who’s cold, clothe the naked, rug up the exposed, cheer the lonely. I want to use the best of what knit and crochet can be, for the very best purposes.

Thankfully, the Australian knit4charities has a charity-of-the-month system that pre-empts this craving and allows crafters to plan ahead for a particular month, charity or project that suits their particular sympathies, schedules and/or knitting habits.

For May’s charity I’m thinking cowls, hats and fingerless gloves. In fact, I’m thinking of designing a series of simple but interesting accessories specifically for charity crafters, making them available as a set and donating the proceeds to kiva, a genius microfinance not-for-profit organisation that links cash-poor entrepeneurs and creative philanthropists via the wonder of the internet.

Microfinance is a wonderful concept in general, but once I twigged that the financing is a loan to be repaid rather than a gift, with repayments potentially reinvested over and over again–I was left in awe. It’s such a Big idea, and totally addictive.

As of a few weeks ago, all Herbivore Knits patterns for sale (now and in the foreseeable future) will have all proceeds invested in Kiva–or another charity of your choice (just email me after your purchase if you would like to indicate a preference).

Hugs x


3 thoughts on “Warming hearts.

  1. kiva sounds rad. digging the new blog layout, too. i’ve switched to mail’s rss reader, so seeing changes on blogs incentivises commenting.

    that william booth quote is great. thanks for posting it. keep fighting the good fight.

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