Make-along marathon madness

cinnamon scroll the 2nd

Lee has suggested a 24 hour make-a-long, like a crafting all-nighter or a making marathon, for this weekend—and I think it sounds like a bunch of fun.

I have two favourite kinds of making: making food, and making stitches. Recent edible creations have included wholemeal cinnamon scrolls, blueberry pie, and chilli beans (cooked from dry, rather than cans—a first for me. Kidney beans cooked from dry are a relevation! So soft, so sweet, so delicate! Instant convert). I think a big, kick-ass, minestroney-style, Hello Autumn soup is in order.

Knitting-wise, I’m plodding along on my Treehouse Socks. The pattern has been well and truly tweaked due to the cables messing with my sizing and yardage estimates, and my first almost-complete sock was frogged and I’m in the process of reknitting using the new instructions. I’m now past the heel, almost finished the gusset decreases (working top-down) and trying to calculate whether I’ll have enough yarn to finish!

I also want to do a long-overdue spring clean of my wardrobe, sort through it all and give away what I no longer wear. While this may not sound very creative, I’m a big-time hoarder, and when the clutter starts to become overbearing I find it very freeing to get rid of as much as possible, particularly if I can give my pre-loved items to a good home.

What are your plans for the weekend? Any crafty works in progress?


One thought on “Make-along marathon madness

  1. Cinnamon roll looks delicious, I just had a jam doughnut… but had to keep well away from the crafts because there was was sugar everywhere. 🙂

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