So, I made the meatloaf.

vegan meatloaf

My brother chickened out of attempting ‘Granny’s Meatloaf’ and cooked a lovely impromptu tomato & veg pasta for dinner instead—but with all the talk of TVP and tamari I was intrigued, and determined to try out another of the 500.

I haven’t been able to find vital wheat gluten in my neck of the woods, so I subbed a can of refried beans and my endeavour is consequently decidedly un-loaflike. I’m okay with that, though, as the concept of a sliceable terrine of animal is still way too creepy for me.

It’s been years now since I’ve eaten meat, and this dish tastes like my memories of meatloaf, hazy though they may be. It had a rich, sweet flavour that begs to be served with something contrasting—a tangy tomato-based sauce, maybe, or a tart, mustard-spiced creamy sauce?

‘Granny’s Meatloaf’ is quick & easy, requiring only pantry staples to prepare, and is one of the most comforting things I’ve eaten in a while. And I am the queen of comfort food. Go forth and meatloaf!


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