Both noble and dorky.

ravelympics thumbs-up

A personal knitting challenge is both noble and dorky, and it’s easier not to go it alone. I’m grateful for the sense of community, and not just because I didn’t want to be the only dork doing it.
(Stephanie Pearl-McPhee)

The sweater, she is finished.
At the beginning of this thing, I wasn’t even sure that I had the stamina to finish a sweater for myself, let alone in the hot midst of an Australian summer, let alone knitting Continental, let alone within the 17 day timeframe of the Olympics. But lo, she is finished. I didn’t go without food or sleep, I showered and went to work as normal—and yet, she is finished. I surprised myself, and pleasantly.

What made my Ravelympics 2010 experience great:
1. Team Vegan!
Thanks to Libby, Kala, Yuliya, Patricia, Mirella, Sally, Alysa, Emily, Mallory, Jody, Emma, Val and Carla for being such supportive and enthusiastic teammates. You guys have made this all kinds of fun.
2. Kittee!
Her hot pink wonder was the trigger for my stripy sweater adventure. Kittee egged me on, gave suggestions and commiserated with me about the millions of ends to weave in. She was my sweater buddy.
3. Stripes!
Whitney‘s clever, user-friendly seamless yoked sweater pattern/ tutorial is a fabulous tool for anyone who finds the seamless sweater sizing rules to be confusing or kind of hit and miss. Whitney explains why things are done, and how to customise at each point.
The body of my sweater turned out longer and baggier than I was expecting, but that’s due to my over-cautious measuring strategy rather than any fault in the pattern. Next time I’ll go for a more fitted look throughout the torso, although the rest of the sweater fits perfectly.
I enjoyed the Cotton Ease yarn, too. My first time using the yarn, and I’ve yet to wash it, but I’ll give an update on how it wears once I have.

How was your Ravelympics?


4 thoughts on “Both noble and dorky.

  1. Looks awesome, I love the stripes! The Ravelympics were a lot of fun, our team was great, I love how everyone was so encouraging 🙂

  2. Amazing! You finished a whole striped sweater in 17 days! Without going hungry or not sleeping! I’m very impressed to say the least. I had a great time and it was fun seeing everyone’s projects. Such inspiration!

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