A reflection on sleeves.

ravelympics day 10

I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned it in this forum before—please forgive me if I’m repeating myself—but I tend to dislike knitting sleeves. Now, I’m all for wearing them (I didn’t really get the whole short-sleeved jumper thing that was trendy for a while there), but find them tedious and cumbersome to construct.

I have a similar dislike of knitting the legs and feet of socks. For some reason I am impatient when it comes to knitting that involves no shaping and only a minimally-challenging pattern. I cannot make plain stockinette socks for this reason: it just doesn’t happen; I give up out of sheer boredom before I can get to the heel.

This is the reason (I have discovered only recently) I am much better at knitting socks top-down than toe-up. When I have the heel shaping and gusset to look forward to (my favourite steps; the ones where the magic of sock-knitting takes place and a shape appears out of thin air), I am much more civilised about getting through the sock leg than if I leave it to last like the chore I find it to be (Surprise, surprise: I am also a chronic procrastinator).

Stripes! will be my first attempt at completing a sweater since my realisation that, like top-down socks, I may have more sweater-finishing momentum if I attempt it bottom-up rather than top-down. Top-down seamless construction involves leaving the sleeves until last, whereas working bottom-up the sleeves and body are worked individually and then combined for the momentous and thrilling ‘joining of the yoke’.

I’m almost finished the second sleeve (two stripes to go…I love counting in stripes, by the way) and will soon be casting on for the body. Happy Monday, everyone!


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