Let the games begin!

ravelympics sleeve - day 3

Happy V-day, everyone. I’ve been a bit of a Valentine’s Day hater in the past, but I liked Kala‘s sweet reminder to use the day as an excuse to spread the love and appreciate our nearest and dearest.

Personally, I spent the weekend preparing for an interview I had this morning (Ick!), taking my mind off said interview with The Wire’s final absorbing season, and cursing the two-circ method and my too-long DPNs equally.

Who else is joining in on the Ravelympics, and how’s it going so far? Are you crafting like a maniac, barely stopping to eat and sleep, or are you cruising along and not taking it too seriously?
Feel free to spread some love over here.


4 thoughts on “Let the games begin!

  1. Totally cruising along and not taking it too seriously 😀 Cranking away on a jumper as well as some spontaneous cast-ons from Saturday that I hadn’t planned on Ravelympicing at all… of course, I’m doing a good job not finishing off that WIP that I’d planned on doing all along 😉

  2. I’m going to see if I can finish a cardigan. I queued up, like, way too many projects and I know I can’t finish them all. But I’ll try!

  3. i’ve got the yarn and needles, now i just need to find the time! i’m dead busy up until friday but then, ravelympics here i come!

    i love the colours you’ve chosen for your stripes! and looking forward to seeing the finished article.

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