Food revolution

I’ve been a fan of Jamie Oliver for many years, and I find it riveting and endlessly inspiring watching his passion and vision for the life-changing power of ‘real food’ become action.

These are the kinds of important conversations that need to be heard by the mainstream public, and will gain a wider audience than traditional hardline vegan activism simply because of who the messenger is.



3 thoughts on “Food revolution

  1. Wow! What an inspiring video. Thank you for posting that. I strongly believe in everything Jamie Oliver said in it. Seeing the clip of school children not being able to recognize and name vegetables was shocking and eye-opening. I want to teach (at least) three friends to cook for themselves and share some of the food knowledge that I have.

  2. thanks for blogging about this. i’m a massive TED talks fan, and don’t mind jamie That much, though would much rather he gave up the shameless self-promotion and focussed on his highly effective campaigning. still, i’m looking forward to watching this when i get a bit more time…

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