These beauties arrived in the post today, all the way from Scotland. What a glorious surprise! They made my day. The super-cute strawberries are a double-pointed-needle case from Mirella‘s etsy store, and the patriotic-coloured corn sock yarn was an awesome, unexpected treasure. Thanks, dudette!

With the 2010 ravelympics due to begin in a mere few days, and me hurting a strategic finger on my right hand—turns out I knit weirdly—I decided to get this Continental knitting thing straightened out and give the technique a red hot go. I found this video helpful for the troublesome purl stitches, and while I’m still finding it awkward that’s probably partly due to the fact that I’m knitting 2×2 ribbing on DPNs using a gorgeous, slippery, splitty bamboo sock yarn. Nothing like jumping in the deep end, right?

Anyone else getting psyched for the ravelympics?


4 thoughts on “Intercontinental

  1. I’ve tried a few times to learn continental, and always end up giving up cause I’m no good at it, and so much faster normally. One of these days I’ll make it a new years resolution or something! Good luck!

  2. I love the surfer girl sock yarn – it’s gorgeous! I’m getting ready for the Ravelympics too – I just posted to the Vegan Sock KAL – and I’m doing the Soybean Socks!!!

  3. glad you liked your delivery! continental is on my new year’s resolutions, but i’ve decided to wait until my knitting anniversary in april so i can get my first-year projects out of the way. good commitment to the cause, starting your first big attempt during ravelympics!

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