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I cohabitate—mostly peacefully—with a household of omnivores, so this is the rarest of outbursts, but in the interests of integrity and full disclosure, I’m showing the bad with the good. This is me. I sometimes make bad choices, but I always apologise.

I followed a link to a ravelry forum thread discussing a certain potential customer searching for a vegan and environmentally-friendly yarn, which excluded her choices to almost none. The thread, begun with frustration, followed through with mockery and hostility, which I felt (mistakenly, in hindsight, which makes me hang my head in shame) was directed towards veganism in general, and vegan knitters in particular.

It was one of those anonymous internet conversations designed to bond members of the discussion over misinformed and disproportionate comments about an absent and universally-maligned outsider. On behalf of all of vegankind I was offended—and worse, I acted out of those feelings, and posted something I shouldn’t have.

In that moment I was too tired to be another silent martyr, belted by bigotry, expected to exercise superhuman restraint in order to keep the peace with those who rip flesh from bones over polite conversation.

I was tired of having to be the bigger person, to endure wildly offensive and insensitive accusations with patience and reason, to be the levelheaded one stepping away from the computer, not able to discuss just how hurt or offended or worn-down I sometimes feel at the sheer violence of the omnivore/ former vegetarian/ self-proclaimed cheese addict.

I’m sorry, ravelry poster, for commenting out of stupidity, pain, and weariness. But vegans are human too.


4 thoughts on “Confession.

  1. hey, i read that thread and believe me, you weren’t the only offended vegan on the block. except, i didn’t get to the end until after your outburst and retraction, so didn’t contribute to the defence of those who wish to make choices based on their personal ethics without being ridiculed for them… you have nothing at all to be embarrassed or apologetic for. perhaps your reply was to the wrong post, but it was a correct assertion to the thread in general. there was a lot of ignorance and narrow-mindedness displayed there.

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