Couscous-stuffed capsicum with tempeh chili.

couscous-stuffed capsicum + tempeh chili

I don’t know why I had never made stuffed capsicums before—super easy!
I used turmeric-spiced couscous with sauteed onion, garlic and mushrooms, and a handful of crunchy sprouted lentils for the filling (lightning-fast to prepare), and after half an hour in a 180 C oven they were done!

I found the filling to be a little bland, as I’m used to soaking my couscous in richly-flavoured vegetable stock, but this mildness complemented the spicier serving partner nicely (more VWAV tempeh chili, spicier and more tomatoey than the last batch).

The dish was an omni crowdpleaser and satisfied the most sensitive of sibling tastebuds. I can foresee many more of these in my future!


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