A few honest scraps.

Soybean Pair - Fern

Mirella, funky Glaswegian vegan over at Be My Playground? has sweetly nominated this blog for an Honest Scrap award.

The object of the award/ meme is to post ten scraps of information about yourself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

The scraps:

1. I don’t deal with compliments well. I am learning to be more gracious and simply accept them as they come my way, but I have strong internal compulsions to tone down or laugh them off with a self-depracating joke or two. I’m not entirely sure why I do this, but it seems to be about deflecting attention away from myself (which makes me nervous) and defusing any possibility of envy or animosity.

2. I care too much about what people think of me. I find blogging a genuine challenge due to these first two traits, which is why I have tended away from writing anything too personal here. I guess one of my unconscious resolutions for 2010 was to come out of my shell a bit in this forum, expose myself a bit more and admit that, heck, I have opinions! I have things to say!

3. Two of my longtime passions, cooking and knitting, are traditionally non-vegan pursuits, and the history of each craft is deeply and emotionally tied to animal use. I love witnessing the reformation of these pursuits, being one of the compassionate voices simply by creating things I love using the sweet bounty of the plant world.

4. Green is my very favourite colour, and I sometimes wonder how much of my love for green foods (broccoli, pistachios, asparagus, celery, Granny Smiths, gherkins, grapes, olives, kiwi fruit, snow peas, avocado, mint) is influenced by the appeal I derive from their aesthetics.

5. I use words like ‘aesthetics’. I used to read a set of big, heavy, A-K and L-Z dictionaries for fun when I was younger. This fascination with words led me to the glorious field of linguistics, in which I studied an introductory unit in my first year at uni, and promptly changed degrees to study it further. I would love to go back to that line of study some day and finish that stale and languishing degree.

6. I attended a bible college for a year, a fact which often surprises people. I drew from that time a ferocious desire for integrity, expecting it of myself and others ever since. It seems to be a rare trait in this postmodern world, but when I come across an individual or organisation embodying this virtue, it makes my heart sing.

7. I get pissed off sometimes about the limited vegan dining options in this town, and dream of starting a plant-foods burger bar, but then remember just how much I love being able to cook for myself. I work out my frustrations in the kitchen, so I get to make exactly what I feel like without having to settle for some cook’s idea of what a vegetarian eats.

8. I rarely take photographs of things other than food or craft. I, along with my partner, recoil against the concept of recording events and/or relationships through static images, so there are only a handful of said images for which we have willingly posed together.

9. We are both way too stubborn for our own good.

10. I haven’t gotten the hang of Continental knitting. I feel it is the way of the future, as it seems like the most energy-efficient technique, but I’m too lazy to practice the technique in order to build up my speed. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to knit Continental for the Ravelympics.

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9 thoughts on “A few honest scraps.

  1. Aw yay, thanks! Being a vegan can be tricky sometimes. And I admit that I use animal fibers when knitting/crocheting/etc., but working at a yarn shop with a super knowledgeable puts me in a position where I know where materials come from and how animals are treated in the process. I limit myself to wool; I rarely use mohair, angora, or other things like that. Like, for example, JoJoLand, while based out of Texas, gets all of their materials from China. So I won’t buy from there. While Cascade, Berroco, and Blue Sky source their materials from communities in South America that rely on their woolly friends to keep their community going. They treat their animals extremely well and the animals reward them with fine fleece. And thinking practically, it is unhealthy for sheep and alpacas to not be sheared regularly, so part of me is okay just knowing that these materials aren’t going to waste.

    And I guess all of those are kind of excuses to use wool, but I do make conscious decisions about what to buy and what to use. The same can be said for camera film, which contains gelatin. I take a page from Glen Friedman when it comes to that.

    And for the record (so to speak) I’ve been vegan for 8 years and I haven’t regretted a single day. 🙂

  2. you know, i was going to write something about integrity in my post but decided against it. i guess i wasn’t being 100% honest, then, was i?

  3. Thanks for sharing your scraps – it seems that I feel the same way about somethings as you do, but react in a totally opposite way. Like, I feel recently that I am gravitating more towards online friendships and less towards ‘real’ friendships, which really kind of scares me!

    And I photograph everything, but I have this internal struggle with it because it is just a moment in time. At the same time I like that idea (because it leaves it all up to interpretation) and I really dislike it (because its not the whole story). Not sure if that makes sense anywhere else but in my mind!

  4. thank you! :o)

    I photograph so much stuff, not because I like capturing moments but because I like looking at things and shapes and interesting patterns and sometimes that includes moments. Sometimes I feel trapped by my comfort in taking food photos and my reluctance to be happy with any of my other photos!

    I am intrigued as to why it makes you recoil, though.

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