Inspired to greatness.

stripey swatch

I’m swatching for my Ravelympics2010 project. If you haven’t heard of it, Ravelympics is the fibery way to get into the Winter Olympic spirit. Participants challenge themselves by starting and finishing projects (whether they be knit, crochet, spinning, weaving or finishing up old lingering projects) during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I’m attempting to start and finish a sweater in the 17-day period (Eep!); a denim and cotton-striped pullover inspired by this energetic beauty of a sweater that Kittee made.

The pattern is Stripes!, a tutorial for a bottom-up seamless yoke sweater by Whitney of Whitknits, and I’m really impressed by the clear and specific instructions, the user-friendly explanations of why things are done rather than just telling the knitter what to do. I also like the clever use of short rows and the purl ridge yoke detail.

I read through the tutorial last night, figured out I’m way off gauge and will need to sit down and do some maths, and had to hold my itchy fingers back from casting on for reals. I’m very excited.

The denim yarn I’ve had in my stash since before going vegan, and had never found an inspiring-enough project to begin using it. A couple of half-hearted attempts were frogged, plans were laid and unmade, but nothing really took. I’m hoping this project, with the combination of stripes (!) and a challenge will contain enough momentum to get me over that denim-is-kind-of-annoying-to-knit-with hump and into Olympic gold.

Fiber crafters can participate in Olympic-themed events, gather in teams to cheer each other on and tally up their group successes, and just generally inspire the crafty world to greatness.


3 thoughts on “Inspired to greatness.

  1. oh, i want to knit one of those now! i’m sold on the pattern and, although i’m definitely not a pink love, kittee’s sweater, too.

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