Baked potato bliss.

spud + salad

spud + salad

The sixty minute baking time, plus time spent preheating our oven—and home—in the middle of an Australian summer proved itself worthwhile from the first mouthful.

A baked potato is one of my favourite things in the world. In summer, lightly glazed with Nuttelex, then overloaded with mountains of tart-juicy coleslaw, they remind me of sunshine and worn-down footy ovals; country fairs and the trusty spud stand nestled between corn-on-the-cob and the Rotary Club sausage sizzle; cans of soft drink for a dollar.

In winter, cut open and laden with steaming chili: dark and smoky, made chewy with tempeh, or fire-engine red and peppered with kidney beans. I always make plenty for leftovers—just the thought of having foil-wrapped potatoes and chili at the ready for a hearty breakfast or after-work boost makes me a happy camper.

Any other baked spud fans out there?


3 thoughts on “Baked potato bliss.

  1. hell yes! i’m down with you on the salad-topped-in-summer, chilli-topped-in-winter versatility of these puppies… man, i miss my nuttelex days, though!

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